Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wonderful visit

My dear friend and fellow artist, Megan Halsey was here for a wonderful 3 day visit, all the way from Philadelphia. It was so much fun sharing my new house and my favorite places. We hiked gorgeous beaches, picking up stones, shells and pieces of driftwood.....and the breathtaking Olympic Mountains at Hurricane Ridge. We made it all the way up to Hurricane Hill, and being the city girl she is, I had to assure Megan that she wasn't going to fall off the trail and tumble down the mountain. At 5800 + feet, it's a little different than the skyscrapers in NYC! It all went by too fast, and we were off to sunny Seattle and one last fun thing....a visit to Anthropologie. The only thing missing was our friend Sharyn Sowell, who's off on a Mediterranean cruise, sketching amazing sights throughout Europe along the way.

sea and sky, stones, shells and driftwood
Hurricane Ridge, Olympic Mountains....still patches of snow everywhere
 palette of greens of every hue and shade
wildflower meadows

breathtaking views to the north
amazing aqua glacial pools, snow melting in the sun
bellflowers and fields of lupine
indian paintbrush

                                                  deer and a friendly marmot along the trail

the hills are alive.......
YAY for Megan....she made it to the top!
off to Seattle on a gorgeous summer day

Monday, August 1, 2011

girls weekend!

Well, I haven't posted in forever! Been so busy with moving and getting set up and settled in the new house. The weather around Seattle has been a continuation of spring....lots of cool, gray, damp days...but every now and then we do see the sun. Last weekend I had a wonderful weekend with the girls, we celebrated my birthday and Amber's also, just a few weeks late. It was an incredibly gorgeous weekend, perfect for visiting the lavender fields and going to the beach.