Friday, June 1, 2012

Surtex, number 8

Wow! Another year come and gone. After months of preparation, a year of new work, 3 wonderful days exhibiting, I'm back in my studio ready to begin so much new work. Many thanks to my wonderful licensing partners for your continued interest in my work and allowing me to do what I love! I'm so excited to begin work on all of the new products. And of course, a HUGE part of the show is getting to see my dear artist friends and spend time at the show and wandering the streets of NYC. See you all again same time, next year!

set up day
with my agent Alicia Dauber and Steve Anderson of LANG, my wonderful calendar company
with dear friends Sharyn Sowell, Beth Logan and Megan Halsey (below)
 girls' night out!
taxi, please?
fantastic dinner in Little Italy with Lille Smallwood, Sharyn Sowell, Alicia Dauber,  and 
Ms. Peepsqueak herself, Leslie Ann Clark
one of my favorite NY things, the corner flower stands
progress of the 9/11 Memorial
incredible architecture in the city, I LOVE the floral garland!!!
what a treat...dinner on a park bench in the park!
always a must....time wandering throughout Central Park, amidst the trees, birds and flowers