Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Like everyone, I've been helplessly watching the horrors unfold on the news.  And like most everyone, my funds are pretty limited these days.  I thought and thought of what I could do, and found that eBay has a wonderful program called "Giving Works", where you can donate from 10-100% of your final sales price to any charity organization.  I have lots of sample products so I decided to list some to benefit the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Currently, I have 2 of my digital scrapbook collections listed and plan to add more products in the next few days.  thanks for reading....


  1. wow Jane this is very cool - what a great idea, and your scrapbooking kits are gorgeous!

  2. This is great Jane. I found the link from Beth's blog! I wish I could see what is inside the box's I am sure they are delightful!