Monday, September 6, 2010

goodbye summer?

so, how is it possible that it's Labor Day?  The question here around Seattle is not "where did summer go?"'s "summer, what summer?".  Seems like we went from spring to fall overnight.  Today it's a chilly 56 and raining.  But despite all those cool, cloudy days, my flowers were in their glory...brilliant hues of hot pinks, periwinkle blues and lemon yellows.  For me, summer means flowers....I long for my sweet peas to bloom just to inhale their heavenly fragrance, to see what colors the hydrangeas will be, to watch my bright blue bachelor buttons open after coaxing them along from seed.  And, of course the battle with the slugs and snails :)  As all these beautiful blooms fade in the next few weeks, I'll be planting my fall pansies with their cheery faces, and hoping that maybe, just maybe we'll have some sunny, Indian summer days.

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  1. I love the photo of the frog! And what are the bright little clustered flowers in the next to last picture? My grandparents had them (or something very like them) on a bush in California. I didn't know we could grow them here. The bees adored this flower and I would love to find one for my garden if you can tell me what it is. Love the peek into your world. Even your photos are so very Jane!