Thursday, October 7, 2010

Herb Garden!

I've had the most beautiful little herb garden this summer. It was filled with wonderful scents, from heavenly lemon verbena to pineapple mint and sweet lavender, in shades of lush green, bright blues and soft purples.  As summer fades, I have so much inspiration to begin my next "Herb Garden" calendar for LANG - believe it or not, 2013!  My 2011 calendar is available in stores now, along with my "Seeds of Friendship" collection of mugs, cards, recipe albums, and other great kitchen items.

my LANG Seeds of Friendship products displayed at the Seattle Gift Show

parsley, thyme, marjoram and lavender
gorgeous blue borage
Lilli loves to 'help'

morning dew on the parsley


  1. Oh so gorgeous! Jane, your work is as lovely as you yourself. The garden looks wonderful and you caught your dog looking proud and happy. Sending you good wishes today. What a nice post.

  2. Oh! I have the 2011 calendar and it is gorgeous!
    Jane you are a very talented lady and have presented this calendar with very beautiful works of art.

    Thanks for "finding" me!! :)

  3. Thanks Cora! love your's so inspiring!