Thursday, January 26, 2012

Visit to Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Last week, my agent Alicia Dauber and I had the opportunity to visit our wonderful fabric license partner, Robert Kaufman Fabrics in Los Angeles. We toured the warehouse, seeing how the large rolls of fabrics arrive from Asia, how the rolls are stored and then watched as the fabrics were put onto the paper bolts, ready for shipping to stores. We also visited the design department and saw many of our new collections in progress. Thanks so much to Evie Ashworth for the great tour!

samples of my Fresh Blueberries and Lemons collections

new collections in progress

new Cherries to be released this year

fabric being wrapped onto paper bolts


  1. Gorgeous! Both you & the fabrics... So proud of you, Jane. And yes, Evie is a gem through and through.

  2. what a great experience, Jane! RKF is in my neighborhood and I've always wanted to pop in and see how things work - and see my fabrics too. Yours are, of course, beautiful! Enjoy the "fruits" of your creative labor.