Saturday, May 29, 2010

feathered friends

I have so many fascinating little birds in my yard these days....bright yellow goldfinches, red housefinches, chickadees, nuthatches, and grosbeaks!  About a month ago, I planted my annual wave petunia baskets for my front porch and a few days later found a scattering of dirt on the railing....a bird nest in my basket!  the momma flies away every time I water, but I haven't climbed up to see what was there until just now.....I was so excited to find a nest full of babies poking there little beaks at me.  Of course, I ran to get my camera.  Hope you enjoy looking!


  1. such great pictures! a mama bird once set up shop in one of our hanging plants and after how many weeks there was a full nest, complete with babies. they grew up so fast that when i tried to take some pictures, they fly away and never came back. oh well, there is always next spring...

  2. Love the birds! I placed an ornamental bird house beside my deck, and lo and behold a couple of finches took up residence. They and their baby have been flying around the deck.